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A birth gift is a way of expressing your congratulations to a couple for whom you feel affection and who have just extended their home.

Rich in symbolism and echoing your emotions, this gift is a delicate way of sending your best wishes to new parents, and wishing a long and happy life to a newborn.

By Charlot's delicate, discreet personalization of your gift makes it a distinguished present. It underlines your thoughtfulness and reminds us of the sincere emotional bond that unites you with the joy of a new addition to the family.

The birth gift is, by its very nature, intended to be given in the weeks following the arrival of a newborn. Depending on how close you are to the parents, you'll be able to choose the right moment: it could be offered during your visit to the maternity ward, on your return home, or at a religious ceremony. If you prefer to offer your congratulations more discreetly or from a distance, you can also decide to have your gift delivered, on a date of your choosing!

Sometimes these gifts are even given before the birth, at a "baby shower": a tradition originating in the United States, this is a prenatal party organized on the initiative of a mother-to-be or her best friends to celebrate pregnancy and the imminent arrival of a newborn. Because it's an opportunity to shower the mother-to-be with gifts, By Charlot plants, candles or gift boxes can be the markers of your attention! If the sex of the child to be is known, the choice of color or personalization of your gift will also be easier!

Choosing the perfect gift for a birth requires asking the right questions: what are the parents' tastes and preferences? What is the style of their home? What message would you like to send them through your personalized gift?

By refining your choices according to what you know about the parents and the emotion you want to evoke, you can transform the act of giving into an expression of sincere congratulations.

Selected with taste and personalized with care, your gift will be your way of sending your best wishes to this growing family...

Personalized plants are a celebration of life. Choose the plant you think best suits the recipient's style and love of gardening, and personalize it to create a singular present that will accompany a child's first months or years with a green note.

Plants also help to purify the air in the home, providing a healthier environment for the whole household.

Giving a plant is also a sign of confidence in the future. It means letting it flourish as the child grows, creating a symbolic connection between different forms of life sharing the same space.

Personalized candles offer a unique sensory experience of light, warmth and scent. By Charlot offers a range of fragrances, each of which contributes to creating a soothing ambience in any room.

As you can see, personalized candles are more than just a decorative object. The symbols they embody, their warmth, glow and fragrances all contribute to creating an atmosphere conducive to serenity.

If you're looking for gifts for other special occasions, such as a gift to celebrate a holiday (Christmas gift, Mother's Day gift, Grandmother's Day gift), a nanny gift, a grandmother gift, a Schoolteacher gift or a corporate gift for a client, By Charlot offers a variety of customizable options.

Filled with symbolism, the birth gift must be chosen with care. Specializing in the art of gift-giving, By Charlot makes your choice easy by offering, for example, a house plant, symbolizing the vitality of nature; personalized candles, evoking light, warmth and trust; or personalized herbariums, adorning each letter of the newborn's first name with nature.

Tempted by the idea? Browse through our catalog of personalized plants, candles and herbariums, specially designed to celebrate this happy event with elegance and solemnity.

Gift ideas for a birth

Looking for the perfect baby gift to celebrate the birth of a new baby? By Charlot offers you a varied selection of high-quality objects that you can personalize to make this gift a unique one, guaranteed to be appreciated. Each of our gifts is designed to show your affection for the parents, but also to surround the newborn with the most beautiful and sincere attentions. As you discover our personalized gift suggestions, let your emotions speak for themselves: those you wish to express, and those you wish to arouse in those for whom they are intended.

Birth gifts: personalized plants?

It's common to give a layette to a newborn baby, to wrap him or her in softness for the first few months. Some prefer a cuddly toy, a stuffed animal, a toy, a pacifier or a playmat. You can also choose to congratulate the mother with a delicate bouquet of flowers or a birth gift set. When you decide to give a personalized houseplant, you're thinking outside the box, and you're sending your thoughts to the whole family! Carefully selected and designed to embellish a space over time, houseplants add life to a home, bringing a delicate touch of greenery to interiors that often lack it. By Charlot houseplants can also be personalized: add the newborn's first name, date of birth, a special wish or message, and the plant will be a lasting reminder of the care you took in choosing, personalizing and gifting it. By Charlot personalized plants have their own personality. Their detailed description will help you make the right choice!

Birth gifts: personalized candles

A new baby in the home? Celebrate life with a candle!

A Chinese proverb says: "Lighting a candle is like cursing the darkness". To celebrate the arrival of a new baby, what better symbol than the delicate glow of a candle? A candle enlightens, warms and illuminates. When it comes into contact with another candle, its glow spreads. Its very presence drives away the darkness. Delicately scented and crafted in Grasse from vegetable or soy waxes, By Charlot candles not only illuminate, but also scent a room with delicate fragrances, creating a genuine sensory emotion. By offering them to the happy parents, you're reminding them that every time they decide to light it, its fragrance will transport them to the precious memory of the moment you chose to give it to them. Because you can choose the size, the color, the fragrance, and because you can personalize it (by engraving a name, a date, a message, a proverb), this candle becomes the ideal gift to celebrate a birth with elegance.

Birth gifts: personalized gift boxes

Because it's sometimes difficult to choose between a plant and a candle, By Charlot has designed a whole range of personalized gift boxes that harmoniously combine all the subtlety of our collections. These gift sets combine the elegance of a plant with the softness of a candle. It's all a question of symbolism: plants represent life in full bloom, while candles pay tribute to the soft light that this newborn brings to the world. These gift sets can also be personalized to suit your preferences, expressing the singular expression of your warmest wishes.

Birth gifts: why choose By Charlot?

By Charlot gifts are designed to be as special as the event they celebrate, and to reflect the sincerity of your congratulations.

  • The possibilities for personalization: every By Charlot gift is customized according to your wishes. Add a first name, a date, a message, a proverb, and your gift becomes the bearer of your message.

  • Tastefully designed boxes: gift boxes combine plants and scented candles. A subtle combination that's always appreciated!

  • Attention to detail: each By Charlot gift is carefully crafted to the highest quality standards, and each gift can be precisely personalized at your request.