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La Marque

Prescriber in terms of decoration, La Maison By Charlot has been cultivating beauty since 2017.

Plante à personnaliser - Le Charmeur

At first an expert in plants and indoor plants...

By Charlot then opened up to new aesthetic paths. Candles with singular fragrances, stylized matches, cleaning accessories or even boxes to compose have thus completed its offer over time.

Convinced that the art of giving is a privileged vector of emotions and beautiful stories...

The brand offers individuals and companies a wide variety of custom-made gifts. Personalization is achieved through the choice of product, but also and above all through the possibility of inscribing an original message directly on the By Charlot jars. Name, nickname, date of birth, message: the possibilities are endless, for a truly unique gift.

The pots come in a wide variety of sizes, colors, textures and materials, while the family of plants and fragrances with character continues to grow. Several times a year, By Charlot creates the event by partnering with talented artists who revisit the brand's universe through their exclusive works.

Thanks to collections that evolve with the seasons and the rhythm of celebrations, By Charlot creations adapt to the times and offer multiple aesthetic proposals.