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Corporate and business gifts

Would you like to thank your customers for their trust, or encourage your teams' pride in belonging with a gesture that will be appreciated? Business gifts, also known as corporate gifts, are the ideal way to show your appreciation for your staff and business partners. Whether you're celebrating the end of the year, or at other times when you feel it's important to maintain good relations, these gifts should be just like you: original, elegant and personalized. With its wide range of houseplants, personalized candles and gift boxes, By Charlot makes your choice easy, offering gifts that proudly display your logo, can be accompanied by a personalized message, or even a bottle of champagne!

A corporate gift has real symbolic value. It is the marker of the quality of a partnership, the expression of recognition or gratitude to all those partners or employees who have chosen to place their trust in you. Depending on the recipient and the accompanying message, it can also be seen as a reward or a means of building loyalty. Used to build lasting business relationships, these gifts echo the values you promote and your brand image.

Corporate gifts are appreciated on many occasions. Beyond the traditional end-of-year corporate gifts, they can be offered to celebrate the signing of a new partnership, to mark the next stage in a collaboration or to be given to employees at a corporate event. They are also ideal for special events (end-of-year parties, going-away gifts, maternity leave, birthdays, etc.).

When it comes to choosing your corporate gifts, you need to be able to strike the right balance between the emotion you wish to arouse in the recipient and the brand image you wish to reflect. Personalizing your gift is obviously one of the keys to achieving this balance.

A personalized plant is a symbolic corporate gift that subtly embodies the values of trust, delicacy and responsibility. Plants add a touch of originality and freshness to the environment of the employee or partner you're giving them to. By personalizing them with your company's name, you create a unique gift that will stay that way for a long time!

Personalized candles are corporate gifts that evoke prestige and elegance. By selecting colors and fragrances that match your style, you create a unique sensory experience. Candles provide a luminous and olfactory ambience, making them an ideal choice for thank-you or celebration gifts. Personalizing them in just the right tone will reinforce that connection you've sought to initiate or nurture...

Personalized corporate gifts

At By Charlot, personalization is at the heart of our added value, allowing you to give free rein to your creativity in designing a tailor-made business gift: branding with your visual identity, the name of your recipient, a date that would have marked your relationship, a proverb or quotation that would sum it up, or any other element linked to your brand image!


By Charlot plants are carefully selected from the best growers and potted by our expert botanists. Each plant has its own intrinsic beauty, but personalizing it makes it all the more special. That little touch of personal creativity, which you can decide to display on the pot, on the label or on the accompanying message, will make this personalized plant remarkable, and noticed!


The gift of a personalized candle is symbolic. To personalize it is to make it a gift that reflects your image! To personalize your candle, choose a color, a fragrance, and add your logo, the name of the lucky recipient or a message.


Plants or candles: can't decide? With By Charlot's plant and candle duo gift sets, you can offer both, with the same ease of personalization. And if you're looking for more than one candle, By Charlot offers its candle gift sets, which you can freely compose and personalize to create a unique experience!

Why choose By Charlot for your business gifts?

Choosing By Charlot for your corporate gifts means choosing distinction, personalization and attention to detail. Want to add a touch of sparkling elegance? By Charlot can even add a bottle of champagne!

Choosing By Charlot also means you can be sure that your personalized gifts will be delivered on time (fast delivery in 24 hours in Paris and 48 hours throughout France).