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Plants to personalize

Name, nickname, message: personalization is at the heart of the By Charlot experience

Imagined as real decorative objects, By Charlot plants are selected directly from the best producers. Their handcrafted pots become true jewel cases that reveal the identity of the plant.

Name, nickname, message: personalization is at the heart of the By Charlot experience.

The personalised plants offered by By Charlot can be chosen from a wide variety of indoor green plants, outdoor plants and personalised cacti. In your hands, they become a tribute to the beauty of plant life.

Green plants can be personalised by adding a name, nickname, date, proverb or personal message to their pots. This personalisation gives each specimen its own uniqueness: it's no longer just a plant, it's a statement, a piece of nature that speaks directly to the person receiving it!

Would you like to make someone special happy? By Charlot's personalised plants can be the perfect gift for any occasion! Whether it's to celebrate a birthday, congratulate new parents or newlyweds, thank your hosts for an invitation to dinner or a house-warming party, or introduce a chosen piece of nature into a professional space, these personalised plants will always be appreciated!

By Charlot offers a wide choice, from small compact plants to larger, even grandiose plants. When it comes to choosing the right plant to decorate your home, or to please the person you're giving it to, there are a number of things to consider, including your preferences, the message you want to convey, and the space and brightness of the room in which it will be placed.

The care of By Charlot's custom plants requires special attention, and the day-to-day care required may vary depending on the type of plant selected. Knowing the specific needs of each variety in terms of water, light, temperature and fertiliser is crucial to the plant's long-term vitality and beauty.

Each plant has different requirements in terms of light and watering, so it's important to be aware of these as soon as you receive your plant. By following the recommendations set out in the guide that comes with each specimen, you'll help your customised plant to thrive and flourish, contributing to its longevity and vitality.

Why choose personalised plants?

A plant? No: your plant!

Personalising a plant adds a unique touch to your decor or gift, creating a special bond between the plant and its new owner or recipient. At By Ch...