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Located in Île-de-France, not far from the By Charlot greenhouses, the Factory is the place where the plants and other products of the brand are prepared before their delivery.

Place of preparation before the delivery of our plants and candles

In this 1000m² place, no less than seventeen expert craftsmen take turns every day. For optimal coordination, there is constant communication with the teams in the greenhouses and offices, located nearby. At By Charlot, team spirit is an essential factor in cohesion, good understanding and the achievement of objectives.

pots factory

Orderly preparation for assured delivery

As soon as they arrive, the plants, pots, candles and accessories are carefully ordered to allow for the most efficient organization and to reduce delivery times as much as possible. Throughout the day, the craftsmen check the pending orders.

Each step of preparation is done with the greatest care

Watering, potting, protection of the plants, packing of the products in a solid and elegant packaging, insertion of a personalized maintenance guide...

The finalized packages are then divided according to their destination: for sale in the store, for click and collect or for delivery directly to the customer.

At the end of their stay at the Factory, By Charlot products have never been so close to their future home!