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Large plants: transform your interiors!


    To add a touch of greenery to your home, discover our exceptional selection of large plants, shrubs and custom plants! Whatever the size of your space, we have the ideal plant to help you create a green and welcoming environment.

    Pour choisir la bonne grande plante, il est essentiel de prendre en compte l'espace disponible et la luminosité de votre pièce. Évaluez également votre niveau d'expérience en jardinage, et n'hésitez jamais à demander conseil au moindre doute !

    L'entretien des grandes plantes nécessite une attention particulière. L'arrosage, la taille et la fertilisation sont notamment des éléments essentiels. Il est donc important de suivre les instructions spécifiques à chaque plante, dont les besoins peuvent varier. Certaines erreurs assez courantes, telles que l'excès d'eau, peuvent être préjudiciables à la santé de vos plantes.

    Oui, certaines grandes plantes peuvent être adaptées à de petits espaces ! Vous pouvez par exemple privilégier les succulentes, ou encore utiliser des étagères murales ou des supports suspendus pour maximiser l’espace vertical !

    De bonnes conditions de lumière sont indispensables à la croissance de votre grande plante d'intérieur. La plupart d'entre elles préfèrent la lumière indirecte. Contrairement aux plantes d’extérieur, l'exposition directe au soleil est déconseillée, car pouvant entraîner des brûlures sur les feuilles vertes.

    Looking after large plants

    Which large plants are easiest to look after?

    Are you new to gardening? Ficus Lyrata, also known as the lyre fig, may be an ideal choice. Its large, violin-shaped leaves add a touch of elegance to any interior space, without requiring a green thumb for maintenance...

    Sansevieria, nicknamed 'mother-in-law's tongue' because of its robustness, is another member of this undemanding family. Even if you sometimes forget to water it, it remains hardy...

    As for the ZZ (Zamioculcas zamiifolia), it can thrive in the less brightly lit areas of your home, without needing much attention.

    Tips for caring for your large plants

    To keep your large plants in good health, here are a few little maintenance rituals to adopt on a daily basis:

    * Watering: don't flood them, but make sure the soil remains slightly damp. Avoid letting water stand in the pots, as most plants don't like having their feet in water. Leave the mould to dry out slightly between waterings to avoid any risk of root rot.

    * Prevention: to prevent over-watering and ensure the health of your very large plants, the use of saucers is recommended. But we've thought of everything, with saucers to match our ceramic pots!

    * Pruning: look after your plants with regular pruning to encourage healthy growth. Remove dead leaves and unnecessary stems with sharp scissors. As in nature, pruning stimulates growth and keeps your tall plants in shape.

    * Fertilising: pamper your plants by feeding them with a balanced fertiliser. But don't overfeed: overfeeding can cause growth problems. Simply follow the manufacturer's instructions and adjust the frequency of fertilising to suit the specific needs of each plant.

    Choosing large plants

    Choose the right large plants for your home

    Unlike small plants, the choice of large plants must of course take into account the space available. Measure your home carefully and choose plants whose size blends harmoniously with your décor. This approach will ensure that your plants blend in successfully with your surroundings. If certain parts of your home lack light, choose shade-tolerant plants to prevent their green leaves from losing their brilliance due to lack of natural light.

    Select large plants suited to your lighting conditions

    Before buying large indoor plants, make sure you understand the specific light requirements of each species. Some plants need plenty of light to thrive, while others can thrive in low-light conditions. To make an informed decision, assess the natural light available in your space and adapt your plant choices accordingly.

    Decorate your home with large plants

    Incorporate large plants into your home décor

    Large plants can really transform the atmosphere of your home: carefully chosen and cared-for, with elegant pots (ceramic, wood or metal) to showcase their natural beauty. And to brighten up your interiors with a sparkling touch of the exotic, opt for bright green plants such as Monstera.

    Pots and planters: essential accessories!

    The choice of pots and planters is crucial to harmonising your large plants with your interior décor. Choose materials and colours that blend harmoniously with your decorating style.

    Large plants as design elements in your living room

    Explore different ways of integrating your large plants into your space. Palm trees, for example, can become the centrepiece of your living room. Make sure you also balance heights and textures for a harmonious aesthetic that helps create a welcoming and elegant interior.

    Why choose large plants from By Charlot?

    Quality and variety

    When you choose large plants from By Charlot, you're choosing quality and variety. Our range of palms, tropical plants and plant boxes is carefully selected, with each plant chosen for its lush foliage and strong stems.

    Exceptional customer service

    At By Charlot, we pride ourselves on providing the highest levels of customer service. Our team of gardening experts are on hand to answer any questions you may have about watering, potting soil and caring for your houseplants. We're here to help you take pride in your green space!

    Customised products

    And that's not all! At By Charlot, we understand that every space is unique, as are the tastes of each of our customers. That's why we also offer the option of personalising your products, including customised cacti. Talk to our team of gardening experts to create a unique experience by choosing plants and pots that perfectly match your style, your level of gardening experience and the configuration of the interior you wish to beautify.