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Reconnecting city dwellers with each other,

through nature and crafts.

What does this mean in concrete terms?

A mission-driven company is a company that has written into its articles of association a "raison d'être" with clearly identified social and/or environmental objectives.

The company then publicly commits to base its development, its economy and its strategy under the prism of this new raison d'être. An independent body will then be responsible for monitoring the implementation of the declared objectives.

"We are confident that the time is right for our company to take the next step."

Charles Fossey & Charles Senaux,

co-founders of By Charlot

At By Charlot, what we care about is reconnecting city dwellers with each other, through nature and craftsmanship.

This is achieved first and foremost by cultivating product excellence, by offering a selection of the highest quality products, from responsible sources, and by promoting know-how and craftsmanship.

In addition, we want to offer an impeccable customer experience, and work on the art of giving in the smallest detail to put emotion and the creation of a bond at the heart of the By Charlot experience.

By placing the art of giving at the center of our philosophy or by proposing workshops of artisanal creation, places of transmission of traditional know-how, we allow city dwellers to meet around convivial moments and to offer themselves a poetic parenthesis in the heart of the urban agitation.

Finally, we wish to make By Charlot a virtuous and exemplary company, where each employee can grow and flourish.