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Indoor green plants


    Discover our selection of indoor green plants. Whether as a gift or a treat, By Charlot offers you a wide range of indoor green plants. Handpicked by plant experts, our indoor green plants stand out for their unique colours and silhouettes. Full of character, they are dressed in By Charlot pots, handmade in Portugal, to create a real decorative object. By customising your pots, you can give yourself or your loved ones a memorable gift that will last for years to come. Delivery in Paris in just 24 hours and throughout France in 48 hours.

    How do you look after your houseplants?

    Choosing a houseplant requires a delicate assessment of your space and a sensitivity to plant aesthetics. What you need to find is the symbiosis between the plant and its environment. To achieve this, consider the ambient light, the interior architecture and the desired ornamental role. Those new to indoor gardening will opt for hardy, tolerant varieties such as Sansevieria or Ficus, whose beauty lies in their simplicity. Connoisseurs, on the other hand, can lose themselves in the delights of the exotic, with Aglaonema or Cycas, while being aware of the care these choices imply.

    Maintaining your houseplants means keeping a direct and intimate link with nature. Maintaining your indoor green plants means knowing how to manage watering, light and humidity, according to the specific requirements of each specimen. Too much water, for example, risks drowning the roots. Not enough will dry them out.

    Periodic pruning of your green plant will promote its growth and vigor. You should also respect the rhythm of the seasons, as plants are obviously very sensitive to them. Pay close attention to signs of distress and react promptly.

    Houseplants are more than just decoration: they add silent life to your home. They purify the air, removing invisible impurities, and increase humidity, creating a healthier environment.

    Their presence helps create a serene atmosphere, conducive to concentration. When chosen with taste, placed with care and properly maintained, these plants can really bring a breath of nature to your home.

    Is your space limited? Choose compact plants that are proud of their small size, such as Crassulas Ovata, Haworthias Fasciata or Tradescantias Spathacea. Create verdant tableaux in sparsely-decorated spaces, transforming every nook and cranny into an oasis of life.

    Light is the lifeblood of houseplants. It is therefore an essential element in their choice of location. Exposing them for too long to direct sunlight can burn their delicate leaves. Conversely, plunging them too long into darkness will quickly cause them to wither. So it's important to understand the specific needs of each plant, and to create the right light balance for it to flourish.

    Looking after your houseplants

    Which houseplants are easiest to care for?

    When learning the art of indoor gardening, it's wise to start with undemanding varieties. These plants are distinguished by their ability to adapt to a wide range of conditions, making them ideal for beginners:

    • Dracaena: renowned for its hardiness, this perennial can thrive in low light as well as indirect light, and will even tolerate the occasional forgotten watering.

    • Philodendron: these hardy foliage plants thrive in low-light...