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By Charlot small candles offer a range of fragrances, and there are a number of criteria to guide your choice. First of all, the scent is an important element to consider. By Charlot candles offer a range of fragrances, including L'Aventurière, Le Splendide, Le Voyageur, Le Raffiné, La Rêveuse, La Bohème, Le Poète and L'Élégante. Next, the style of the candle can also be taken into account to suit any interior decoration. By Charlot candles are handmade creations, carefully crafted to create a warm, fragrant atmosphere in your home.

By Charlot's little candles transcend their primary function as decorative objects to become a fiery story. Each of our candles is meticulously cast in Portugal by our partner craftsmen using vegetable wax of exceptional quality.

Embodying elegance, authenticity and personalisation, it becomes a gesture, an emotion, an expression of attention.

By Charlot's little candles are the perfect touch to light up every special occasion in your life. Whether it's to celebrate a birthday, welcome a new baby or simply embellish your everyday life, these little scented jewels add a warm, personalised glow to every moment. These candles are not just sources of light, but olfactory narratives that tell a story...

By Charlot small candles offer you a range of exquisite fragrances. Choose from L'Aventurière, Le Splendide, Le Voyageur, Le Raffiné, La Bohème, La Rêveuse, Le Poète and L'Élégante, each embodying the delicate essence of a small candle.

These varied fragrances captivate your senses with notes ranging from spicy scents to woody fragrances, offering a unique sensory experience. For example, the Le Raffiné scent reveals a subtle blend of bergamot, lemon, peppermint and cardamom, creating a sophisticated olfactory symphony. These candles offer a range of choices, each telling its own sensory story. Discovering the scents of By Charlot's small candles becomes a personalised and enchanting experience.

Tips for choosing a small candle


Explore the enchanting world of small scented candles from By Charlot, where each scent tells a unique story, a sensory symphony that will awaken your senses.

L'Aventurière transports with its spicy notes, Le Splendide attracts with its delicate refinement, and Le Voyageur offers a soothing woody experience. Le Raffiné evokes floral sophistication, La Bohème embodies freedom with bohemian scents, Le Poète captures poetic inspiration, La Rêveuse carries you away under the Mediterranean sun, and L'Élégante reflects grace and finesse.

The By Charlot collection is a sensory exploration, a quest to discover the fragrant melody that resonates with your own personal symphony.


Immerse yourself in the hand-crafted world of By Charlot candles, where each creation becomes an olfactory work of art. The olfactory range has recently been extended with a new collection of fragrances that you need to discover straight away! Meticulously crafted, these candles embody elegance and authenticity.

The carefully hand-crafted jars, in the same shade of colour as the wax they encase, add a visual touch to the sensory experience. Choosing a By Charlot candle means choosing a unique piece, a real olfactory jewel in a palette of subtle colours.


By Charlot's small candles invite you to discover a world where styles vary, jars are carefully hand-crafted, and colours come to life according to the collection. Opt for the standard 280g format, an ideal choice to match any space. Choose a By Charlot candle and transform every moment into a sensory festival, where the magic of fragrance meets the elegance of craftsmanship.

Discover By Charlot small candles


By Charlot small candles are designed to light up your special everyday moments. Create a warm and relaxing atmosphere during cosy evenings with friends or alone. Offer a small scented candle as a sign of gratitude during small moments of thanks. Decorate your home with festively scented candles during the festive season. Transform a candlelit dinner by adding a romantic touch with scented candles. Whether to celebrate achievements, promote personal well-being, or simply create a pleasant atmosphere, By Charlot's small candles are the perfect companions for all of life's special moments.

Opt for the exceptional and light up your memorable moments with these exquisite creations.


By Charlot invites you to enjoy a unique sensory experience by offering customisable fragrances, candles and home perfumes. The essence of this personalisation lies in the subtle art of giving the By Charlot way. For example, the ‘Le Poète’ candle reveals a bewitching fragrance that evokes nostalgia to stimulate creativity, with harmonious notes of bergamot, lemon, cardamom and many others.

In the same vein, the ‘Le Raffiné’ candle offers extensive customisation with several versions, each capturing refined top notes such as bergamot, citron, peppermint, cardamom, and delicate middle notes such as rosemary, red thyme, laurel, and elemi. These fragrances are deliberately designed to be interchangeable between candles, perfume diffusers and home fragrances, offering an infinite palette of personalised atmospheres.

Why choose By Charlot small candles?


Choose excellence with By Charlot small candles. Superior quality and the use of sustainable materials guarantee an exceptional lighting experience. Each candle embodies craftsmanship, offering durability that transcends ephemera.


Add a touch of elegance to your space with the meticulous designs of By Charlot personalised candles. Every detail is meticulously thought out, creating pieces that are much more than just candles, but true works of art that will illuminate your home with style.


Give more than just a present, give a precious memory with By Charlot candles. Their elegance, quality and variety of fragrances make them the ideal gift to mark life's special moments. Create unforgettable memories with these little marvels, or opt for the other formats in our collection (mini candle, large candle, master candle, personalised first name candle, personalised wedding candle or candle box)!