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Mother's Day selection


    Celebrate your mothers on Mother's Day, May 26, with a gift that lasts, accompanied by a tender word.

    Rayonnante, Élégante, Généreuse, Fantastique... just like you, Mom!

    Our Mums occupy such an important place in our lives that they deserve the most tender of gifts. By Charlot invites you to give them a gift that will last, that they'll cherish and see evolve over time. A plant is a precious being, just like you, Mum!

    La Rayonnante - Standard - plante à personnaliser
    lelegante - plante a personnaliser pour la fete des meres
    Le Genereux - La plus belle des mamans - Grande
    Le Philosophe perso maman - Grande plante à personnaliser
    le genereux - plante pour la fete des meres