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Our gift ideas for Mother's Day

Finding the perfect gift for Mother's Day is a challenge that By Charlot takes up every year in an elegant and personalized way, with its unique selection of gift ideas.

Available online in just a few clicks or during a visit to the boutique, this selection features exceptional houseplants such as "L'Élégante", "La Rêveuse", "La Rayonnante", "La Délicate", "La Fantastique", "La Captivante" or "La Mamma". Each of these plants can be personalized with a special label, adding to the natural plant beauty the singular mark of your attention.

By Charlot also extends its range of gifts to include scented candles, such as the Le Poète candle, which can be personalized with a name, date, message, proverb or quotation. To create a warm, relaxing atmosphere, you can also choose to give her one or more small personalized candles, hand-poured in Portugal using vegetable wax scented in Grasse.

Because it's sometimes difficult to choose between a candle and a plant, you can decide to combine the two! Separate or in boxes, personalized or not, you're free to choose the composition that's sure to put a smile on your mom's face!

Choosing the ideal gift for Mother's Day should be a fair reflection of the attention you pay to her, and should take into account her tastes, style and preferences.

You, better than anyone, know her lifestyle, the style of her home and her everyday pleasures. Does she have a green thumb and has always been attached to nature? Then this is the plant for her. Is she very attentive to the atmosphere of her home and the pleasure her guests get from coming to visit? If so, choose personalised candles that delicately bring the glow of their flame and the softness of their fragrance to any space.

And whatever you choose, she'll always appreciate the care you've taken to personalise your gift! Online, you can decide freely on the content of the card that will accompany your gift, the initials you would like to engrave on it or the personal message that will adorn its label.

Choosing a personalised plant from By Charlot as a Mother's Day gift is always appreciated, for a number of reasons.

The gift of a plant is, in essence, an ode to life, beauty and nature. Rather than an ephemeral bouquet, it's a living, growing specimen that you're entrusting to the care of the person to whom you're giving it, demonstrating your trust in her patience and delicacy.

But beyond the natural beauty of these plants, By Charlot goes even further, allowing you to personalise them with a message that will move her.

Choose your plant and its pot, personalise your gift with a message that's personal to you, and you've got the perfect gift!

Choosing a personalised candle as a Mother's Day gift is a brilliant idea for many reasons. The flame of this candle, which will light up the inside of your mother's home, will remind her as soon as she lights it of the warmth of the feelings you have for her.

Diffusing fragrances created in the purest artisanal tradition by our perfumer partners in Grasse from French vegetable wax, and hand-poured in Portugal, these candles diffuse different scents (the range of available fragrances is available online), helping to perfume and soothe the space it will illuminate.

This olfactory dimension contributes directly to the emotional dimension of this candle, an original gift that can bring back childhood memories or arouse special emotions.

The candle is a classic gift for people who matter, and can be appreciated on many occasions (birth gift, mistress gift or nanny gift, gift for grandmother's day, Christmas gift, corporate gift). With a wide choice of fragrances, sizes and colours, and the option of personalising them, By Charlot is reinventing the art of giving pleasure with its scented candles!

Mother's Day gift ideas

Giving your mother a gift is a wonderful way of expressing your love and gratitude for everything she has done to make you the person you are today.

By Charlot's creations give you the chance to please your loved ones with original gifts that reflect the sincerity of your feelings and guarantee the pleasure of giving them to her. To help you do this, By Charlot offers a selection of personalised gift ideas for Mother's Day, including personalised plants, personalised candles, herbariums and home fragrances.

Personalised plants, the ideal Mother's Day gift

By Charlot offers you a unique selection of personalised gifts for Mother's Day, including its famous collection of per...