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By Charlot ceramic planters are an ideal option for indoor green plants, combining durability, water resistance and good looks. Made from robust materials, these planters provide reliable protection while offering a versatile solution for a variety of plants, from small succulents to larger potted plants. Their unique aesthetic, available in a variety of colours and patterns, adds a touch of elegance to any interior space. What's more, the ceramic used protects plant roots by maintaining the right level of humidity, promoting healthy growth.

When selecting a ceramic planter, there are a number of aspects to consider. First of all, consider the size of your plant to ensure adequate space for its roots. Opt for a pot that can optimally support the plant's growth. Next, choose a design that matches your interior décor, ensuring a consistent look throughout your space.

The specific nature of the plant specimen you are planning to put in the planter should also guide your choice. Make sure that the pot you select is suitable not only for the size, but also for the type of plant, taking into account its particular needs in terms of space and soil drainage. Ceramic planters, which allow better air and water circulation, can be particularly beneficial for plants requiring well-drained soil.

Ceramic planters are versatile allies for accommodating a variety of plants in your home. Whether you opt for brightly coloured plants, elegant shrubs or miniature plants, these planters are designed to fit any size (small plant, large plant, xxl plant, custom plant) and any refill!

These ceramic planters blend in perfectly with a wide variety of houseplants, providing an environment conducive to the growth of species requiring well-drained soil. They are also beneficial for plants that prefer a drier climate, such as cacti and succulents, by promoting better air and water circulation. By integrating these planters into your space, you create an aesthetic balance while providing an ideal habitat for your plant selection.

A ceramic planter is a pot specially designed to house indoor green plants or outdoor plants, offering both a decorative and protective function in your space.

Handmade in Portugal in the purest artisanal tradition, this type of ceramic pot stands out for its variety of colours and patterns, adapting harmoniously to different styles of interior decoration. Its versatility makes it an ideal choice for integrating your plants into your environment, while adding an aesthetic touch to their presentation.

Advice on choosing a ceramic planter

Identifying the size and type of plant for your ceramic planter

When it comes to choosing a ceramic planter, it's crucial to take into account the specific size of your plant and its particular needs. Plants need the right amount of space to grow, which is why it's important to choose a pot that matches the size of your specimen.

It is essential to identify precisely the size and type of plant you are planning to pot. The ceramic planters in the By Charlot range offer a variety of options, with sizes available (14 cm, 18 cm and 24 cm). This diversity allows precise adjustment to your specific planting needs.

When you choose a ceramic planter from the By Charlot collection, you benefit from handmade products featuring elegant designs and refined colours. The handcrafted look of these planters adds a unique dimension, while the choice of elegant designs and sophisticated colours gives you the freedom to personalise your preferences to suit your style! Choose your planter carefully so that it perfectly matches your decorating style and the aesthetics of the space you want to embellish. You can also add a matching saucer, also in ceramic.

Ceramic planters: a tradition of craftsmanship

Ceramic planters offer exceptional durability, water resistance and versatility of use for a variety of plants.

Each planter is a unique piece of art, bringing a refined aesthetic to your space. Ceramic creates a visually pleasing aesthetic, adaptable to a variety of decorative styles. What's more, the compatibility with refills in different sizes means that you can adjust the size of the plant to the planter, offering appreciable flexibility. Last but not least, each By Charlot planter is crafted in Portuguese workshops in the purest tradition of artisan workmanship.

Finding the right ceramic planter for your décor

When looking for the perfect ceramic planter for your décor, there are several things to consider. Firstly, identify the style of your interior and choose a ceramic planter in a design and colour that match it. Next, consider the size of your plant and make sure the pot offers enough space for its roots. You now have the two main ingredients for finding the right balance between aesthetics and functionality!

Discover By Charlot ceramic planters

The history of By Charlot ceramic planters

By Charlot, a French brand specialising in the creation of decorative objects for the home, offers a collection of ceramic planters handmade in Portugal. This collection embodies the brand's commitment to the art of living, creating pieces that transcend their practical utility to become key decorative elements, bringing a touch of authenticity and elegance to any interior.

Handmade and hand-painted in Portugal, these planters are conceived with singular designs, elegant shapes and refined palettes, creating a visual harmony that adapts to everyone's personal aesthetic. The variety of colours and shades available, as well as the compatibility with refills of different sizes, mean that the size of the plant can be adjusted to the size of the planter, offering the flexibility to show off your plants to their best advantage.

Ceramic planters for all plants

By Charlot ceramic planters are suitable for a wide variety of plants, both large and small. Choosing the right size for your plant is essential to ensure proper drainage and promote healthy growth. The By Charlot range of planters offers a variety of sizes, colours and designs, giving you the opportunity to personalise your interior decoration to suit your aesthetic preferences.

Why choose By Charlot ceramic planters?

The benefits of By Charlot ceramic planters

By Charlot ceramic planters are the preferred choice for those seeking excellence in interior design.

Shaped and painted by hand in Portugal, each By Charlot ceramic planter is a unique piece of art, adding a touch of refinement to any interior space. The ceramic used creates a visually pleasing aesthetic that blends harmoniously with a variety of decorative styles, and is a testament to the care taken in designing each pot.

Compatibility with refills in different sizes is a practical advantage. This allows the size of the planter to be adjusted to suit the plant, providing the ideal flexibility for showcasing different houseplants.

In short, when you choose By Charlot ceramic planters, you're opting not only for the excellence and durability of ceramic, but also for refined aesthetics!

Resistance that stands the test of time!

The exceptional durability of By Charlot ceramic planters is directly linked to the material they're made from: top-quality ceramic! Their meticulous craftsmanship guarantees that they will stand the test of time, while adding a sophisticated touch to your interior. Opt for durability combined with elegance by making these planters the perfect choice for showcasing your indoor plants.